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We deliver directly to you! Price including customs 189:-. We normally deliver within 1 hour before the scheduled time. However, the booking must be made no later than 13.00 the day before. For deliveries outside customs, call for price. We deliver all over Stockholm.

Breakfast orders are prioritized before lunch and other orders. Lunch orders normally from 11.00.

We arrange most things for the meeting, conference or party. Order our regular products or come up with your own ideas and we will try to arrange it as far as raw materials are available. We make sure that it is on site at the desired time.

We have porcelain for coffee/tea and thermoses (which are included when ordering), however these must be returned to us. The return is charged as a new run. (However, you can arrange for the return yourself)

In addition, we work with disposable items when it comes to plates, platters, cutlery, glasses, etc. As we protect the environment, these items must be ordered separately with each order if desired.

All prices are ex. VAT.

Kontakta Oss

Contact Us

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Om Oss

About us

Ninas Salad Cafe etc. 2001

Ninas cafe is a group focused on meetings, where the meal and high-quality service is the finishing touches. It can be with us, in your home, at your job, a party you organize or at a giant event you attend.


We cook, deliver and serve your meal. With us, with you or pretty much anywhere.


We offer good and modern food you cannot get enough of in our restaurants in Stockholm.

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